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    MetaTrader 4 Platform MT4 Download FXTM

    MetaTrader 4 Platform MT4 Download FXTM

    With this intuitive web-based trading solution, it’s even easier for you to trade on MT4. All you need is an internet connection mt4 crm — no software download required! Simply log in to your FXTM account, choose your favourite browser and you’re good to go.

    • Notification system alerts the clients about every step of KYC and deposits/withdrawals.
    • Moreover, the system has a user-friendly interface and provides ample opportunities to traders of all skill and experience levels.
    • Sales module is a convenient client distribution and multifunctional sales management system for Forex brokers.
    • Our technical team will install and integrate all of your brokerage components.
    • If you supply your clients with good liquidity, you will certainly build a long-lasting relationship with them.
    • Certainly this helps the brokers get the most profitable insights and get hold on to the entire data of the activities done by the traders.

    As a result, it lets your client experience a smooth and fast account opening process. Collaborative CRMs are designed for companies in which multiple departments or even other businesses need access to the same data. Operational CRMs are intended to streamline your day-to-day tasks; for example, by automating data entry. You’re most likely to benefit from an operational CRM if you’re interested in marketing automation, sales automation, or service automation. Ability to create a request to withdraw funds from an MT4 / FXNEXT and MT5 account through the White Label application manager. The trader operates with their personal funds in their personal account, while transactions are copied to the accounts of investors.


    The MetaTrader 4 platform offers easy-to-read, interactive charts that allow you to monitor and analyse the markets in real-time. You’ll also have access to more than 30 technical indicators which can help you identify market trends and signals for entry and exit points. MT4 provides advanced analytical capabilities, multi-device operability and automated trading functions. Moreover, the system has a user-friendly interface and provides ample opportunities to traders of all skill and experience levels. Brokers can improve their services by integrating their trading platforms with external systems, such as websites, CRM systems, SMS, or data sources. CRM TradeTools FX is a solution integrated with multi-market platforms MT4 and another trading platforms.

    mt4 crm

    Sophisticated UpTrader Forex CRM for brokers includes back office, trader’s room, and copy trading software for MT4, MT5 and cTrader brokers. Having worked in the financial services market for a long time, we do understand that for Forex brokers, time is money. That is why we work fast but still set a high quality standard. UpTrader Forex CRM will be branded in accordance with your corporate identity and fully customised to suit the needs of your business.

    We offer completed Managed CRM software for your company

    CRM TradeTools FX is a solution integrated with multi-market platforms MT4, FXNEXT and MT5. Connect whitelabel for clients for MT4, FXNEXT and MT5 in multi-account mode. We offer affordable prices for MT4 and MT5 White Labels — the best Forex label platforms used by 90% of the traders around the world.

    mt4 crm

    Easily control deposits and withdrawals, KYC procedures, and launch your marketing activities. Reach your traders by integrating your platform with your phone system, email sender, and SMS. Create automatic notifications for key events, margin calls, and marketing campaigns. LXCRM also provides Affiliate System integration, allowing brokers to automatically track their affiliates’ performance from one location.

    Forex CRM System

    With the aid of it, you can attract the best trader and money manager with a feature rich MAM. One of the major benefits of the MT5 platform is that traders are not restricted to using only the built-in analytical resources, such as MT5 tables, indicators, and graphs. Owing to MQL5, an object-oriented and a high-performance programming language, traders are able to create their own technical indicators.

    A multi-server copy trading solution that allows your clients to share trading signals and follow other traders. The integration of Social Trading by Brokeree and Syntellicore by Dynamic Works provides brokers simultaneously with the flagship copy trading system and convenient CRM with the traders’ room. Use the integration of Syntellicore CRM and Social Trading by Brokeree Solutions to launch copy trading with an intuitive trader’s room on your MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading platform. You can distribute funds from the wallet to all your trading accounts and withdraw them back.

    Manage general settings

    CRM PORTAL has a ticket-based support system that makes it easier and faster for brokers and traders to interact. The new version of CRM for brokers allows you to connect any accounts in multi-account mode from any servers, with Metatrader 4, FXNEXT and Metatrader 5. The investment system has an attractive interface with separate portals for signal providers, followers, and administrators, helping them to concentrate on their personal tasks. Complemented with the Rating Module, Social Trading is a great tool to attract clients, increase trading volumes and spur trading activities on the brokers’ servers. Stay informed by recording and managing detailed demographic profiles for each of your leads, clients, and partners. One dashboard shows you all the relevant data from thousands of data points including marketing sources, deposit values, contact info, language preferences and trading PnL.

    The results of each transaction are split between investors up to a cent. It is possible to check different traders’ performance through aggregated ratings. As the admin, you can add any trading platform right from your administration interface. All you need is login credentials for a manager account on the platform. You can add as many servers as you require, including mixing different platform types, and your clients will see all their account data in one place.

    API For Business Integration & Extension

    A Forex CRM to help you track lead flow and convert more leads into active traders. Our technical team will install and integrate all of your brokerage components. An intuitive interface makes it simple to use and easy to understand, whether you’re an amateur or professional. Our special module for Introducing Brokers includes supporting referral programs with up to 30 levels including real-time accruals.

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